New Online Gallery Now Available: Cumbria & The Lakes

Morning Sun Over Cumbria's Sands

We have recently been on a field trip to Cumbria and the Lake District – largely to try out some new equipment we’d bought. This was my first outing with my Canon EOS 7D and our first outing with a Canon L f4-5.6, 70-300mm lens.

We opted for a weekend of landscape, wildlife and macro photography, to enable us to test out a range of photography styles, settings and environments. Unusually, for a November weekend in the UK, we were blessed with amazing weather – crisp mornings with bright sunshine and warm afternoons. This was great. The sunlight was an unexpected challenge, forcing us to rise early to make the most of the early morning light and calm seas. This is when I managed to capture the shot above. Taken with my macro lens, at 100mm, f2.8, ISO 500 this shot was far from what I had expected to capture. I’d previously been buried in the undergrowth to obtain macro shots of the first frost on the blades of grass, but when I looked up and saw the calm, blue sea I could not help myself and stole a quick pic.

I like the fact that the image is dominated by the extreme calm of the sea, and that the horizon is dominated by exposed sand and the glimmering sunshine. It’s not my usual style of photography, but one I am happy to explore further.

Other images from this field trip are available in our Cumbria and Lake District online gallery. 



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