New look Taraji Blue website unveiled

A spider conceals his eyes

We’ve recently undergone a bit of a design review here at Taraji Blue, launching a revised website design. We hope you like it.

Aside from the design changes there are a few wee things to note, namely:

1. You can now share your favourite images on the Taraji Blue website via your social media channels.

2. You can also like, share and tweet about your favourite Taraji Blue photo galleries (…now there’s no excuse not to help spread the word!)

3. Against each photo we have highlighted featured products that are available to buy via our website. You can shop until you drop!

Of course the opportunity to leave comments against galleries and individual photos remains – and is welcomed. We love to hear your feedback. So why not take a look at the updated Taraji Blue website and please do let us know what you think.

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