My photo of the week: Wary

A close up of a Highland Coo

One of our subjects that never fails to get a reaction is Highland Coos.  I have posted a few of them on google plus and facebook and they always stimulate comments and discussion. That’s why this is my photo of the week.

I adore highland coos! Living in Scotland for 8 years fuelled my passion for these amazing creatures. I had personally named each and every coo I had seen in Stirlingshire and visited them regularly by bike, car and foot… so imagine my delight when my mother-in-law bought a house backing onto a farm with three Highland Coos. I was beside myself with joy!

The first time we stayed over I was up and out in the garden in my PJs, chatting away to the coos over the fence, letting them dribble on me as I crawled under the barbed wire with my camera and getting nettle stings in places you’d never thought imaginable. (That’s how I managed to get a shot at this angle!) My mother in law took pity on me and arranged with the farmer, (her neighbour), that the next time we visit I could give the Coos their spring brush. Cue much excitement!

It was such an amazing experience to get up close and personal with these animals. They simply LOVE being brushed and I loved brushing them. I was completely enthralled and they found it so relaxing – they even fall asleep as you brush them 🙂 What’s more they get quite jealous if one coo is brushed for longer than another. It’s not uncommon to run out or arms and combs as they all jostle for your attention 🙂

Regardless, I did so well that the farmer has allowed me to visit and brush them whenever I like!!! So keep your eyes open for some more Coo close-ups the next time I take a trip to wee bonnie Scotland.

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