Photo of the week – Minster Yard, York

This is a departure from my usual style and subject for photography, and I have chosen it as my photo of the week for two main reasons:

1) It was inspired by my recent trip to France. Whilst visiting the Loire Valley I took great pleasure in exploring the region’s old towns and cities. I loved capturing the spirit of the place through its old and crumbling buildings. I reflected on this on the drive back from our holiday, and pondered why I never take the time to do likewise at home. I have the luxury of living in the city centre of one of England’s most beautiful cities, yet I so often find myself longing to travel further afield for photography opportunities. At this moment I resolved to take more time to photograph my locality – and this was the result. I like the fact that it’s quite European in feel – the abandoned city bike adds a certain ‘something’ to the shot, its pristine white paintwork contrasting against the various colours of the crumbling brickwork. I also love the texture and colours that the wide angle lens (Canon 10-22mm) was able to pick out – to the extent that this has required very little post processing work at all (aside from a small crop and sharpen).

2) My second reason for choosing it is that it’s a building I seldom notice. Given that is is directly opposite York Minster, my attention is often focussed elsewhere. When at the Minster I am seduced by it and I rarely turn my back on it to view the buildings that are, quite literately, in its shadow. To this end, I like the fact that my recent photography trip in the city I call home has caused me to notice buildings and detail ordinarily overlooked

This image was taken at at f/5.6 at 22mm, ISO 400. Other pictures from York are available in our York and Yorkshire photo gallery.



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