Colours can make such a difference

Exploring the beauty of wildflowers in France

I’m always striving for the best colours and exposures from my images – ideally so I need to do as little post processing as possible. Not only because this makes my life a lot easier, but it also gives me great pride to produce a great shot ‘as is’, without the need for extensive touch-ups and fixes. Now it’s not always possible – especially when shooting in limited light, but I have become all too familiar with my personal desire to obtain HDR quality shots without needing to HDR.

I was, therefore, surprised when I fell in love with these shots – they’re not the bold and more ‘obvious’ style of photography which I tend to lean toward. Instead they favour a more muted but contrasting colour palette which is more akin to the style of photography of some of my good friends. I must have been inspired by them the day I took these.

Both of these shots (above and below) are wildflowers from the Loire Valley, France, from the wild fields and orchard surrounding our gite. They were both taken at ISO 160. However, in a break from macro tradition, the shot above was actually taken with our Canon 100-400L lens at 400mm, f5.6 with an exposure bias of -1/3 EV , whereas the image below was taken with my favoured Canon EF100mm macro lens at f3.2 and with an exposure bias of 1/3 EV.

I like both results – and will strive to try and repeat this style of shot again in the this space.

A wildflower of France

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