An Occasion For Celebration

Icebergs Passing in the Night

Well, it’s not so often we’ll opt for a public and self congratulatory pat on the back, but TarajiBlue have some amazing news that we have been keeping under our hat for many months now…

We reached the finals of the Veolia Wildlife Photography Competition of the Year 2011!   This was an incredible achievement for us and one we are so, so, so proud of. Over 40,000 photos were entered into the competition. 7 of our shots got through to the semis, and a further 1 to the finals.  This is a competition which is open to professionals and amateurs so, for several months, our photos were considered alongside those of the photographers we idolise and follow.

The photo that made it to the final is the one provided above. We’ve named it “Icebergs passing in the night”. It was taken on 17/09/2010 at 11:47pm in Ø Fjord, Scoresbysund, Greenland. GPS Latitude: 70˚ 28′ 20.72″ N. GPS Longitude: 28˚ 5′ 3.34″ W.

Whilst resting overnight in Greenland’s Scoresbysund, our ship was struck by an iceberg just before midnight. Running onto the top deck of the ship in my pyjamas, I watched as our captain used powerful search lights to explore the surrounding fjord in an attempt to find a navigable path out of the jigsaw of icebergs that had surrounded us as we slept. As the single beam of light danced over the water, icebergs emerged out of the black of night, silently creeping towards us. I captured this image, heart in my mouth, wondering what the beam would illuminate next. Everyone fell silent, only the hum of the search lights could be heard. I shivered, and not because of the cold. It was a night to remember.

Technical details

Canon EOS 7D

Lens Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 EX DC Macro

ISO 1600

Shutter speed 1/3 second

Aperture f/2.8

Focal length 50 mm

Exposure bias 0 EV

Exposure mode: manual

Converted to Black and White using Bibble 5

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