The Sunnier Side of Life

Three sunflowers in bloom stand out in a field of decaying sunflowers

OK, I admit a mixture of blood sucking spiders and bucktoothed grasshoppers have made my recent posts and photos a little ‘niche’, so here are some  ‘normal’ shots to suit all tastes 🙂

These (above and below) were taken during our recent holiday to the Loire Valley, France. The area is abundant with sunflowers – every field is covered in them for as far as the eye can see and we were lucky enough to stay by the side of one such field. We relished the opportunity to photograph these most beautiful flowers at all times of the day and night.

We racked our brains as to how we could take some unusual photos of these flower covered fields. We stumbled upon the potential of taking an ariel shot of these fields but quickly decided the upstairs window was simply not good enough – it did not provide the right angle and the telephone wires were intruding into the shot. There was only one thing for it…on the first night we raided the gite’s garage and, to our delight, found some ladders. These were swiftly erected fieldside and a tripod and camera precariously balanced on top of them. This was to become our ariel photography ‘hub’ for the next few days (much to the amusement of the neighbours, postman and gite owners). It looked might odd, but worked a treat! Here’s some of our results….the rest are available in our France photo gallery.


Rows of sunflowers in the Loire Valley, France



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