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Le Château de Saumur, Loire Valley, France.

We have recently taken a trip to France and I managed to drag myself away from macro photography long enough to really appreciate some of the amazing architecture of the Loire Valley’s cities and towns. Whilst on holiday there, we did ponder and discuss how it is that tatty buildings in Britain look appalling, but in France they are endearing?! I don’t think we have an answer as of yet – but I did manage to document some ‘evidence’ from our time in France.

My favourite locations were Saumur and Tours – two ancient cities with incredible decaying and preserved architecture. Many of the images we captured in these locations have been converted to black and white in post processing- mainly because I love how black and white images bring buildings to life. It removes distractions and helps the eyes focus on subtle detail, shifts in light and adds a considerable mood to the image.

Believe it or not – we were blessed with incredible weather whilst in France, which was great for vitamin E intake, but less so for photography. That’s another main reason why I have switched to black and white for these images – they overlook and conceal the burnout of the incredible midday summer sun experienced in these cities and add a mood to the image which is already present on location, but which the camera can sometimes fail to pick up.

I really enjoyed exploring the man made environment in these cities, and focussed my attention specifically upon the contrast between old and new which exists side by side on most street corners. Two of my favourite images are provided in this blog (above and below), but many more are also available in our online France photo gallery.

The outer buildings of Le Château de Saumur


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