The end draws near and I am resigned to sticking foodstuff to the tv

Close up of an eye as printed on a foreign banknote

Day 28 and this could, technically, be the end of my macro challenge – but I think I am going to try and go the whole hog and do 30 straight days.  It’s getting harder and harder now to find new subjects around the house. I find myself wandering from room to room to seek out subjects, looking for new fabrics, tiny insects or interesting food stuffs.

I decided to trial a photography session with man made subjects. I rummaged through draws and cabinets and stumbled across some old foreign currency. I noted how beautiful and detailed the artwork can be on these pieces and decided to see how images of them would turn out (see above), wondering if I could capture the texture of the paper and print. I was reasonably happy with the results but found this to be a much less satisfying subject to photograph as there is little of the ‘unknown’ element.

So I then sought inspiration in the fridge once more, and decided to see what the texture of an inside of a radish would look like when sliced thinly and held up to the light to make it transparent (see below). I tried several light sources – natural and artificial, but found the most interesting results came from sticking the radish slice to the tv  (thank goodness the hubby was not home to witness this moment of ‘inspiration!’)

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The inside of a radish

My stomach calling, I paused the photography session for a snack, only then to realise how beautifal a poppadom would be when photographed in macro- so I put my snack down and instead decided to photograph it in various different light levels (see below). I found propping it up on the settee in natural light gave the most satisfying results (I’ll be finding those crumbs for weeks!).

All in all, tonight was an eclectic photography session …but would you expect anything less from me 🙂

A close up of a poppadom


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