Tonight I watched the International Space Station fly above York once again in a perfect arc for around 3 minutes. We all have our individual problems and I know some have many more than others, but we can all look up. Progress – a push into the unknown. Expensive, I know, and sometimes wasteful, but inspiration never came cheap. Inspiration is as expensive as we’d like it to be, given the results should be unlimited. Bring it on, I say – let’s pay for progress, let’s fix these penal micro capital problems, let’s live longer than petty disputes over protocol and standing – let’s be one race and reach for the stars.

That’s how I feel when I watch several solitary astronauts fly around the earth every 90 minutes. We haven’t done anything yet. We have done wonderful, tear-renching things, but we have done nothing yet. Don’t let fear get in our way. Don’t worry about the problems and the failures. The only people who fail are those who’ve never failed; they never tried.

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