And so it’s time for me to face the final curtain…

An extreme close up of a tiny greenfly reveals a wrinkled and ancient looking face

Day 31 of the macro challenge and the end is here! What a fabulous month it has been. I feel almost weepy to see the end of it, I’ve loved the motivation and energy it’s provided me with – and I’ve loved having such great friends to support me daily and follow my progress. Thanks everyone – I could not have kept up the energy and focus if it wasn’t for you.

So – should I carry on???!!! …..

Well, I need at least an evening or two off because I am EXHAUSTED! But I am tempted, because this time tomorrow night I will not have a clue what to do with my time from now on 😉 What will I dream about and occupy all my spare thoughts with once there is no macro photography? I’ve enjoyed it so much it’s actually prevented me from taking time out to book our next holiday – now that’s saying something!

What I have especially loved about the macro challenge is that it has really opened my eyes to new styles of photography – I’ll be posting a blog in the coming days about the lessons I have learnt and why I have benefited from the experience so much, but suffice to say I have loved the fact that it has opened my eyes to another miniature, more detailed and extremely interesting world that we often overlook in our daily lives. Put it this way – I no longer just class myself as an amateur wildlife photographer!

So – the time has come for the final reveal……can I top last night’s photography? Well, I almost took drastic measures tonight – I felt ‘Pets at Home’ calling me to buy some crickets to photograph, but then I pictured my husband’s face as he arrived home to find the living room covered in crickets and thought otherwise 🙂

I did, however, decide to stick with the insect theme having been so successful with it previously – so off on the ‘hunt’ I went. I decided not to make life too easy for myself tonight, so I chose to focus on green flies. They are so tiny, intricate and beautiful and their true detail is often very difficult to capture with human eyes alone.  I must confess that I had tried to take photos of them a few weeks back but I was very unsuccessful, I hoped I’d have better luck tonight.

One of my favourite shots from tonight is provided above – it’s not as grand as last night’s bluebottle fly shots  but I am happy with it non-the-less. It’s a glimpse into a tiny world and highlights detail that the eye alone would never capture. In the macro online gallery I have also uploaded another version of this shot in black and white  just to experiment a little on my last night 😉

And here’s another image from tonight’s session (below) – just to whet your taste buds for one last look at my online macro gallery where other shots from tonight are stored 🙂

That’s all from me folks…over and out (sob!).

A greenfly looks down from the security of the flower petals as if to questions its predicament

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