Washing up has never been this fun!

Bubbles in a Honeycomb Formation

Day 18 of my macro challenge and I got very excited when, doing some ’emergency washing up’ –  I realised the potential that Fairy Liquid holds for macro photography. I immediately downed-tools and grabbed my camera. 15 mins later I emerged from the kitchen sink all the happier with some great shots.

What’s great about shooting bubbles is that each time you vary shutter speed, depth of field, light, ISO you get a completely new shot without having to change your composition or location. You just need to bear in mind the bubbles won’t last forecer, so work quickly and shoot frequently.

Both of these pictures (above and below) were taken at ISO 2000, f/9 and at 1/15 sec.

…If you are worried about me, email me at Mariehaslosthermind@worriedaboutyou.com   😉

All the images from my month long macro challenge are stored in the macro online gallery .



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