Not Suitable for Vegetarians

A close of up a slice of bacon manipulated to look like a leaf

Day 15 of the macro challenge and I almost decided not to post this shot for fear of offending people… then I thought about it and wondered “Isn’t that a reason to do this – to provoke a reaction?!”

Don’t get me wrong, I really do not want to offend anyone, but the thought of posting something that has an instant reaction is surely the very essence of what it is to be a photographer?

I started by first manipulating the image (above) to appear in a different colour to add trickery to the shot – to get people who might otherwise be offended with the subject matter to recognise the beauty in the shot before they recognise what it actually is. That’s why I have decided to post both images in the macro gallery and here in this blog.

I tried to manipulate this image to look like a leaf – but it is, in fact, a slice of bacon – the original shot is provided below for comparison purposes.  Forgive the pun…but is this food for thought?!

A close up of a slice of bacon

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