Inner space – day 6 of the macro challenge

The inside of a red pepper

This is my chosen shot from day 6 of my macro challenge. I think my family thought I’d lost the plot when they saw me taking these shots at my Grandma’s 90th Birthday party!

I love this because it really does make the mind work overtime. To me, it looks like the shot of a heart / body cavity and something out of the movie ‘Inner Space’. It is, in fact, the inside of a red pepper! This is why I am learning to love macro photography – it allows you to see detail the eye misses – both myself and my Grandma’s will never look at a red pepper the same again now.

To take this shot I balanced the pepper carefully in a glass to wedge it still, and then positioned it in a source of strong natural light to illuminate the pepper from the outside in. It’s taken vertically – I am standing over the pepper, shooting directly into the bottom of it. I used ISO 2000, with a shutter speed of 1/50 sec at f/10.

I should also have highlighted on day 1 of the challenge, that I am using the Canon EOS 7D with the Canon EF100mm f/2.8 lens.

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