An Alien but Wonderful Landscape

A close up of colourful fungi on a twig

Day 17 – and you know when something is becoming an obsession when, on a ‘night off’ you get unbelievably excited by a twig you see by the side of the road. So much so, that you run back to collect it, triumphant that it’s the perfect subject for this evening’s macro challenge.

It’s sad (?) but true!

Documented here tonight are the results of my twig based experimentation. The more I experimented with its rotation, position, colour and expoure, I started to see faces, snakes and other landscapes emerge (I may have lost my mind)….regardless, I thought I would post my results here and see if you too can share in my joy of the landscapes hidden in the world of this twig.

All the images from tonight are stored in the macro online gallery  and below.


A close up of fungi on a twig reveals a colourful but sinister face

A snake emerges from a fungus covered twig

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