A Gruesome Image

Fractures in a sheep skull

Day 12 of the macro challenge and I am afraid I have turned a little gruesome in the search for an unusual macro photograph.

This image is, in fact, a fracture in a sheep skull. Odd, I know, but I really like the leading line of the fracture and the colour of the shot – it makes it a wee bit spooky and intriguing.

It’s not a sharp as I would like, because I wanted to avoid using flash and therefore ramped up the ISO. My avoidance of flash was purely to balance the light in the shot so that it exposed the fracture, but kept an eerie darkness / exposure. I have also avoided reducing the noise too much when processing the image, because to do so can remove some of the finer detail in the skull.

It was taken with ISO 2000, f/9 and 1/1250sec (assisted by placing the skull on the window ledge to maximise light on a cloudy and overcast day).

It might not to be to everyone’s taste – but I hope it is interesting none-the-less?

I have also included a second favourite shot from the same photoshoot…if you are of a nervous disposition, turn away now 😉 …

The Inside of a Sheep Skull

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