A new challenge for July

A spider's web up closeI

I (ok, we) have decided to set myself a new challenge…After enjoying using the macro lens in Costa Rica, Ali has set me the challenge of creating a new macro photograph every day this month (July).

I have had my first bash at it tonight and I tell you, it’s tricky! It’s hard to not only find subjects, but also to use the manual focus and manage the depth of field to get the shots you need. Simple static objects were the hardest – even when shot with extra lighting and a high (1000) ISO they still came out blurred – alas, my Independence Day Krispy Kreme donut shots will not see the light of day.

For some reason (practise and habit!?) I find it easier to work with living objects, so I turned my eye to flies and spiders on our roof top plants. This is when I got this shot of a spider’s web.I think / hope I can improve on this over the coming month…watch and see.




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