How to get an upgrade to business class without paying

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Please do not take this as a done deal, but both times we have flown back from America with British Airways on / around a specific date we’ve been upgraded to business class, and without even asking! I thought I would share some reasons why we think this is the case and then you can try it for yourselves if you wish? After all, it might be worth a go to have a flat bed!?

1. Both times we have already paid for premium economy flights (one way)… If they ‘bump’ us up to business they can ‘bump’ an economy passenger to premium economy seats that we vacate. This equals more happy passengers and more future BA loyal passengers. Makes sense?! Plus we’ve already demonstrated that we’re happy to pay extra for privilege – if they let us sample a higher quality experience who is not to say that we might pay for it in the future?

2. On neither occasion had we checked in previously and printed our boarding card – thus making it easier for them to change our allocation when we check in at the airport desk (manned – not automatic ticket machines!).

3. Both times we have arrived at the airport very early before our flight time

4. We have BA frequent flyer cards

5. Both times we have booked ourselves on a route where the plane used is one with a large business class seating capacity (almost half the economy seats are sacrificed for business class) AND we have travelled on the 2nd / 3rd of Jan – after the peak new year travel time, but before business has kick started across the globe, thus when business paying customers create demand for business class seats.

6. We’ve flown direct routes to LHR (from Chicago and Boston)

7. We have flown overnight – if BA make you comfy you sleep and therefore demand less of their staff in flight – win win?!

8. Pleasant flights = returning customers.

9. I am not sure this makes any difference at all – but we always travel really light and the staff always remark on this at check in/!?!

10. We are always super nice to check in staff 😉

11. we look ‘presentable’ (dress wise) at check in

As I say, not a done deal, but it might be worth a shot?!

P.S If you are lucky enough to swing this, then make a beeline for the BA arrival lounges at LHR (especially T5!) They have free spas, food, drink and a shower that will re-hydrate and re-energise even the most weary traveller.

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