New travel blog from Taraji Blue

We have decided to extend our Taraji Blue blog to cover our travels. In all honesty we have chosen to do this for both selfish and very unselfish reasons. I’ll start with the selfish reasons….

I love to write and rarely find an excuse to do so in my own time. This is coupled with the fact that I would really like an outlet to start recording memories from our travels, to records the sights, sounds, smells and serendipities of our worldwide explorations. I’m worried that, without this, one amazing memory from our travels might get replaced by another, and we’ll start to forget about the things we’ve seen, the people we’ve met and the experiences that have changed us and our travel plans to date. I like to know that we’ll have a record of our memories which, for years to come, can offer the narrative to our photographs and enable us to pass on tales of our travels from one generation to the next. Those are my selfish motivations.

My less self centred motivations spring from the fact that we’re constantly asked by friends, colleagues and family about places we’ve been, when and where to go, where to stay, what to see .etc. Keeping trip logs about the many different places we see and visit, at both home and abroad, can help others in their travel plans. I know from our own holiday planning how helpful I have found the travel blogs of friends and strangers alike – they help answer many questions, provide a skeleton itinerary and can help to paint a picture for the experiences you’ll have and the things you might see. This is what fuelled me to commence this travel blog today.

I’ll be posting regular blogs about countries we’ve been too, tips for what to see and do, our experience of the places we’ve been, our reflections on the places we have visited and the people we have met along the way. I hope you find this useful, if not inspirational for your own travels.

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