Photo of the week: History V

A massive rock fold shows the power of the earth's geologic processes erupting from the steep, jagged slopes of King Oscard Fjord in Greenland, highlighted in the vivid reds and orange of this V shaped formation.Processing: minor crop, saturation and curves

This is one of our most popular pictures on Flickr. It was taken in Greenland in September 2010, during our trip to the Arctic. It’s a phenomenal natural rock formation, a living piece of history which quite literally documents hundreds and thousands of years of activity. It is quite literally like nothing I have ever seen before. It’s the kind of thing you never quite believe you’re seeing- something that can make you drop your camera and stare in awe at the wonder that is nature.

It’s not the only unusual rock formation we saw in Greenland – many more are documented in our Arctic gallery, including History I, History II and History III, but for me, this is the most spectacular. That’s why it’s my photo of the week.

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