At one with the farm animals

I love taking pictures on a farm. On many a holiday I find myself crawling into chicken hutches and hanging over dry stone walls, knee deep in mud and excrement to get the perfect shot. What I like best is that rare opportunity of time….with farm animals you have the time to get them acquainted to your presence, time for them to become comfortable with you and your camera, and then the opportunity for them to become inquisitive.

I love Highland Coos, these are my absolute favourite. So majestic and alluring, yet seemingly so clumsy with their huge horns …they are always in need of a good comb and as such, their shaggy hair always provides an opportunity for some atmospheric shots.

The thrill of seeing these animals in the local fields never wore off – even after 8 years living in Scotland. You can imagine my excitement therefore, when my mother in law moved into a house in the country right next to a farm with 3 Highland coos! I spent many a happy hour in my PJs and dressing gown in the garden, snapping pictures of the coos in the morning light, swatting away the flies and tickling the coos any chance I got. This is when I managed to get some great shots. Up close and personal with the nettles and coos, I was able to familiarise them to my camera equipment and get some great detail of their eyes, their hair and their huge horns.

I have added a new gallery with many of my highland coo shots…take a look and let me know what you think.


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