Photo of the week: Mallard Messiah

I like this photo because it shows what you can do in your own ‘back yard.’ It was taken on the canal that live we by on one cold December afternoon. The water had frozen solid, forming a flawless sheet of ice. Ducks and geese struggled along the ice, slipping in their search for open water. At first glance, it looked like the ducks were walking on water.

Alistair captured this Mallard, framed by the reflection of the skies above. It’s a bit of a mind trick – making the Mallard look as though he is floating on the clouds. I like its simplicity and its innocence, coupled with the restricted use of colour.  It’s a reminder to me to take the camera out and about and start to ‘see’ what’s in front of me. That’s why it is my photo of the week.

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