New Gallery – Boston

An jagged ice sheet mimics the Boston skyline, reflected in the Charles River as the sun sets over the city.  The tall building on the left is the John Hancock Tower; the building to the right with antennas is the Prudential Tower.  This shot was taken from the Longfellow Bridge, looking south west, after an interminably long wait in the freezing cold for the sun to set low enough for the colours to leak into the ice.

We’ve uploaded some new photos to our website from our recent trip to Boston in Dec 2010. The gallery features iconic images of the Boston skyline, winter scenes from New Year’s Eve 2010/2011 and a collection of images from Harvard in the new year.

Boston was a lovely city – very quiet indeed. It’s rare to have the opportunity to take cityscapes with no pedestrians or traffic in the images, but in Boston we were able to do just this. We spent evenings wandering along the isolated waterfront and financial district, spent undisturbed mornings in Boston Common and spent a lovely sunny afternoon with Harvard practically to ourselves.

It’s a great place to visit and photograph, with many tourist sites to occupy your day. Our Boston gallery is available for review and comment now.

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