Photo of the week: Grasshopper enclosed by leaf

A grasshopper hides in a twisted leaf in the dark undergrowth beneath the primary rainforest canopy in the Ecuadorian Amazon

I have chosen this image as my photo of the week because it encapsulates the inquisitive mind of the wildlife photographer. It was taken on a jungle trek in Coca, Ecuador. Alistair happened to spot the curled up leaf in the sparse ground level foliage of the primary rain-forest and thought ‘what a great place for an insect to hide.’ Not knowing what to expect, he focused his lens inside the leaf, took a quick shot and hastily retreated. Unbeknown to us, in the centre of the leaf was a grasshopper, rudely awakened by the inquisitive lens and quite surprised by our presence.

It’s a great shot that captures a rare glimpse into the world of insects and provides a rare close up of a species which often lies undetected in the pursuit of big game and wild mammals.

I was immediately surprised by the beauty of the grasshopper. Its colouring and intricate jewel like patterns are details the eye would rarely have a chance to capture. It opened our eyes to the world of inserts and macro photography which has since led us to pursue photography opportunities across the world, from ants in Kenya to tarantulas in the cloud forests outside Quito.

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