New photobook now available: Wildcats of Africa

‘Wildcats of Africa’ is a new photobook from Taraji Blue which celebrates the beautiful felines of the African Savannah. The images featured within the book were taken on a photography trip to Kenya in 2009. We spent a week in and around the Maasai Mara reserve, and were lucky enough to see cheetahs, leopards and prides of lions.

The leopard was a particular favourite of ours. We’d only managed to capture two glimpses previously – a fleeting glimpse of a young male leopard in Kenya in 2004, and a glimpse of a tail dangling from a tree earlier in the 2009 Kenyan trip. It was therefore a delight to be able to track and then spend time with the leopard on the last day of our trip. We spend over 2 hours waiting for a sight of the elusive animal. We finally saw her, in the undergrowth of a small forest. In the fading light we did what we could to capture once in a lifetime shots. She seemed unperturbed, almost stopping to pose for us at one point.  In the heat of the moment I neglected to pay attention to my camera settings, and by chance, the best shot we took was of the leopard in the fading light, moving through the dark undergrowth at 100 ISO – not something I’d usually recommend!

Some of the cheetahs featured in the book are of Shakira, the female cheetah made famous by the BBC Big Cat Diary. She had two healthy cubs with her and was proving to be an excellent mother. We had the privilege of seeing them hunt and bring down a large deer right before our very eyes. What a spectacle!

Also featured in this new photobook are lion cubs or all shapes and sizes. We were lucky to spend a lot of time with many Africa Lionesses and their cubs, and we got extremely up close and personal with them. My heart would pound and my pulse would race as the lionesses approached us with intrigue. I can definitely say that you never forget the sound of a lioness roar- especially when it’s barely a meter away from you.

Wildcats of Africa is a new size photobook – small and square, it represents great value for money and is an ideal stocking filler! A full preview of the book ‘Wildcats of Afica’ is available on our website. We hope you enjoy it.

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