Photo of the week: Me, Mirrored.

Me, Mirrored

I have chosen this as my photo of the week because it’s one of the shots that inspired us to go down a whole other line / style of photography. In the event that it’s not immediately apparent – what you’re looking at is a shot of Ali reflected in the pupil of a husky dog, taken during our week long dog sledding trip in Finland.

This shot inspired us to trial a more macro style of wildlife photography. This has challenges in itself as much as it requires either high quality and high zoom lenses – or the chance to get up close and personal with animals / our subjects. This is something that I took on myself, as a personal project, choosing to focus on the catch light in the eyes of captive and wild animals in an effort to capture the closeness of nature and the intensity of emotional connections between human and animal.

The project took us to zoos, farms, gardens and wildlife parks across the UK and we’ve also included some shots from wildlife holidays overseas. The majority of these shots are, however, from the UK, demonstrating how you can hone your skills without the need for expensive travel.

The results of this 3 year project have been captured in a photobook produced by Alistair and myself, called ‘Glimpses from another world.’ The book can be previewed on this website by clicking on the following link

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