Capturing the Northern Lights

Curtains of green aurora borealis twist over the icebergs and mountains of Rypefjord, Greenland

So revered and so anticipated, the Northern Lights were a highlight of the trip and fulfilled a lifelong ambition for Alistair and I.  We were privileged to see them two nights in a row, on three separate occasions. I must confess that Alistair was the key photographer during these episodes, I tried to video the Aurora with mixed results.

Working with the Canon 7D allowed a maximum ISO 12800, but we worked at 1600 ISO for the aurora with 1.6-2.3s shutter speed. Setting the focus to near infinity and using a remote release and tripod, Ali captured some stunning shots of the Aurora – the camera often capturing what the eye could not.

What we nice, was to be able to share our knowledge and success with the rest of the passengers – allowing them to alter their camera settings and capture some good shots of the aurora on the second night. We were rewarded with many hugs – but no free drinks, alas! 😉

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