Camera envy – it’s a dangerous thing

Hallgrímskirkja church nestled between sunset and Reykjavik nightrise

Now bear in mind how I’ve said in previous blog posts that I have loved using my camera – the Canon EOS 40D – and what great shots we’ve been getting with this and the Canon 28-300mm L.  Well, I made the mistake of trying the Canon 7D in Reykjavik on a beautiful evening during a stunning arctic sunset. The difference between cameras is immediately measurable . The 7D is heavier (that’s the downside upfront), but the quality of image produced and the quality and size of the image on the camera screen is immediately apparent.

There is more flexibility in terms of auto focus points and settings and the presence of the video functionality is a huge bonus.

Now I tend to be the video operator on holidays, in charge of ensuring we get quality and a range of footage to create our wildlife and nature documentaries when we return home.  We have a Panasonic HDC-SD100 which is a relatively new investment (2 years ago) and this has served us well. However, the brief use of the Canon 7D video functionality blew this out of the water for me. The quality of the footage, the ability to choose independent focus point(s), exposure compensation and ISO whilst recording removed lots of challenges I have faced with the Panasonic video camera and allowed me to be more flexible in my recordings. It’s caused me to challenge the way I think about shooting video footage and has caused a wee bit of camera envy, which is a dangerous and expensive thing!

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