Photo of the week: The chase

Cheetah hunt a baby gazelle

This is my photo of the week. It’s a shot taken in Kenya of a family of cheetah cubs learning to hunt from their mother. We watched for half an hour as they chased the baby gazelle. Time after time they brought it down only for the resilient little foal to jump up and escape again.

It was harrowing to watch but at the same time brought home the rawness of Africa – the wildness of wildlife. This is reality, it’s the circle of life, and we had a chance to experience it first hand – what a privilege.

I like this image because it captures the intensity of the moment, the desperation in the face of the predator and the hope in the eyes of the prey. It freeze frames a  second of live action and allows you to stare into the eyes of pursuer and victim before the inevitable happens. That’s why it’s my photo of the week.

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