Photo of the week: A Norwegian Landscape

A Norwegian Arctic Landscape
I really like this picture because, to me, it’s the epitome of Arctic Norway. Huge mountains that reach down to water and arctic tundra that both surprises and delights in its autumn colours.

It was taken in the most unlikely place – at the end of a main road in Longyearbyen – a ramshackle but lovable Arctic Town with a strong coal mining history. I like it because it catches the beauty of a place that’s all too often overshadowed by the urgency to see polar bears and the Northern Lights.

I love the colours and the detail in the reedbed and the way the snow topped mountains are just starting to reflect in the pool of water. In the distance are two disused huts on the waterline – they add a little extra interest to the picture, and help to provide scale for the dramatic mountain backdrops.

It’s a shot we’d normally overlook in favour of the wildlife – but I’m glad our itinerary gave us time to reflect on and enjoy the landscape. That’s why this is my photo of the week.

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