Photo of the week: Red Square, Moscow

Red Square at night

I have chosen this image as my photo of the week, because it reminds me of a great moment when you discover something new in photography, something which alters your perspective and photographic style.

Heavy rain had fallen that afternoon, so several puddles were strewn across Red Square.

Now Red Square is a place we adore – one of our most favourite cityscapes. We have spent many an hour oggling the square and its amazing architecture, morning, noon and night. On this particular visit we were with family and were reveling in the experience of people seeing Red Square for the first time at night. Having the square to ourselves late at night meant we could take time to get the perfect shot. Tutoring our family on photography, we stooped to ground level to shoot up towards the rooftops of the National History Museum. It’s then we noticed the refections in the puddles – glorious, still and a perfect replication. We embraced the moment and lay the cameras on the ground, shooting into the puddles. Within 10 mins, we had passers by, tourists and strangers stopping to ask what we were doing and to copy- all discovering a new way / new ideas / new experiences with photography. The result – a great chance to share a new discovery with like-mined photographers from across the world.  That’s why this is my photo of the week.

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