Photo of the week: Going back to the sea

Glistening waves in the Drake Passage

Upon hearing that we’ve been to Antarctica, the first (sensible) question people ask (after ‘Why the heck would you!), is ‘What is it like?’

That’s a really hard question to answer and one I’d struggle to answer in words alone. That’s why our photographs are so precious to us – they take that snapshot in time (no pun intended) and lock it away as a back-up for our memories.

The reason for travelling to the polar regions is a question I find myself answering more and more now – especially as we’re about to embark on an expedition to the Arctic. It’s the natural reaction of people to ask ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘when’. But for us, it’s not a case of why, more ‘why not?’

Some people are born for travelling and exploring new cultures, new ways, new sights and sounds. For us… well we’ve grown into it. Fuelled by a desire to see beyond what we already know we’re hungry to travel. To see things that challenge us, to discover new emotions, new people and make new discoveries that fundamentally begin to define who we are and what we stand for. The people closest to us no longer question it – nor do they necessarily accept it. I dare say parents and loved ones would prefer us not to sail across some of the roughest seas in the world and would prefer us not to endure freezing temperatures as we camp alone on the ice with nothing but a wee dram of something Scottish and a sleeping bag to protect us – but for us, it’s the only way and it’s the way we grow stronger and better at what we love doing.

That’s why we’re going back to the sea this Autumn. Going back to a place where we know we’ll be challenged, where we know we’ll fall in love with the landscape and wildlife, to a place that we’ll be proud to call home for a brief 2 weeks.

That’s why I’ve picked this Antarctic landscape as our picture of the week. It cements my expectations of the polar regions, allows me to explain to others the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of travel and exploration. Above all, it daunts and excites me to think that we could be in this landscape again shortly.

We’re going back to the sea…….

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