Comparing notes

An owl waits in the darkness
We recently had the privilege of spending the day at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park – a great location for photography. Its open and walk through enclosures mean you’re rarely shooting through glass or wires, which gives you a real opportunity to get up close and personal with the animals.

We went along with family and friends and spent an enjoyable few hours with the lemurs, lions and birds of prey. There’s something that fascinates us so about the birds of prey. Their expressions can flit from quizzical to murderous in a glance. Their speed in flight and their considered poses when motionless gives the photographer a real chance to capture the true beauty of these birds.

Having the opportunity to spend the day with a wee two year old at the zoo inspired many a photo from ground level, seeking to obtain a bird’s eye view of the animals from the ground upwards. None of these pictures have made it into the final cut –exposure and depth of field was a considerable challenge when taking pictures of basking black and white lemurs in the sunny grass or taking birds of prey swooping down to ground level in a dark forest, but it was a worthwhile experiment that we’ll no doubt continue to trial. Watch this space for further attempts……

What we really enjoyed was the chance to return home with guests and critique our shots. We discussed what we should and should not have done, how we altered exposure, depth of field and ISO – learning more from each other over a glass of wine than we might have done out in the field that day. A worthwhile and rare chance to share lessons learned with fellow photographers and one we hope to repeat one day. Volunteers welcome!

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  1. It was a brilliant day, and as a newbie photographer I learned a lot too.

    Comparing Notes is a good title when I look at your shots compared with mine. I’m happy with a lot of the shots I took that day, but I can see with a bit more experience I can improve.

    So, next time I’m in York I’m more than happy to come on more photography adventures, and enjoy the wine and the critique afterwards.

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