Antarctica – with the benefit of hindsight

Marie Knock takes time to enjoy the view of icebergs and gentoo penguins in Dorian Bay, Antarctica.

Antarctica, the trip of a lifetime and the chance for us to snap some memories that would last forever. We embarked on our trip to Antarctica as novices with a relatively new inventory of photography and video equipment. We had all the technology we needed, but it’s fair to say that we had not yet fully developed our ‘eye’ and photography styles.

On a small boat in the Antarctic Peninsula, there was very few people on our trip – just 40 passengers in total. What this meant was that we had lots of time to take photographs in solitude, choosing the composition to suit, taking blissful landscapes uninterrupted by human presence. This is where the benefit of hindsight comes in – the vastness of the polar landscapes is such that without the occasional human in shot it becomes difficult to ascertain any sense of scale. We put a lot of effort into ensuring no humans were in shot, but for those occasional pictures where we included an expedition leader, a zodiac pilot or a fellow passenger, it really helped to bring the landscape alive and give a sense of dimension to what is an alien but beautiful landscape. This is a valuable lesson and one which we’ll certainly be taking into consideration on our pending trip to the Arctic.

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