About a book – ‘Glimpses from another world’ by Marie & Alistair Knock

Bat suspended upside down
There’s something about the concept of staring into the eyes of another creature which gives me goosebumps. The idea of such an intense connection, of a memory without spoken word – a moment lost in translation. Photography gives you the privilege of getting up close and personal with a number of subjects – and for us, wildlife is our passion. Whether it’s a lingering moment with an animal in captivity or the ferocious lion leaping to protect its cubs in the wild, photography can provide you with an opportunity to get closer to animals in a way you never have before.
Animal eyes became a project of mine for a number of years. Fascinated by the catch light as it reflects off pupils, drawn in by the lingering glances of both cute and dangerous animals, I became obsessed with capturing the essence of an animal through its vision. Choosing to focus on what it stared at, trying to translate the in

The result was a book called ‘Glimpses from another world’ which I am incredibly proud of. What I especially like about this book is that the shots were taken over a number of years and on a range of photography equipment, from Canon EOS 30/40Ds to a Canon powershot, and what’s more, the majority of shots in the book were taken in British zoos – showing that local wildlife and zoological parks can be a veritable playground for wildlife photographers. All you need is lots of patience, a decent UK zoo membership and a sturdy set of waterproofs and the world is your oyster.

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