The View From The Sky (Memories of the Maasai Mara series)

Whilst in the Maasai Mara we were lucky enough to take a hot air balloon ride over the plains at dawn to witness the wildlife awakening and experience the blissfull silence. We witnessed the rolling, vast landscape, following meandering rivers and waving at locals in the villages beneath us. Wildlife was surprisingly camouflaged, take this hyena for example. Somewhat panicked by the presence […]

Never mind ghosts and ghouls… this is real horror!

This is a re-share of a post that is so important to me. First posted on Sunday 21st October it suffered from a lack of an audience online so I welcome your support in helping me spread the word. I feel oh so strongly about this and implore you to help the bile bears of China… This […]

Danger Lurks (Memories of the Maasai Mara series)

The male impala walks warily across the horizon. Unbeknown to him, he was leading his females directly into the path of a hungry lone lioness returning to her cubs after an unsuccessful night’s hunting.   We watched helplessly, but transfixed, from our camp in the dawn light. With every minute the light provided an additional […]

The More Eyes the Better (Memories of the Maasai Mara Series)

The more pairs of eyes and ears you have, the better the chance you have of seeing another day. Zebras communicate with each other with high pitched barks and whinnying. A zebra’s ears signify its mood. When a zebra is in a calm, tense or friendly mood, its ears stand erect. When it is frightened, […]

An Alternative Angle

The trouble with wildlife photography / photography in general is that it’s very hard to find a new angle on things. A lot has already been done and explored – so you are constantly challenged to look at things differently, to find a different angle, an alternative perspective on subjects. Most of the time I take photos that I enjoy taking – […]